Maine’s Greenest Building Showcases State’s Commitment to Sustainable Design

The grand opening of the 8000-square-foot LEED Platinum Education Center situated at one of Maine’s premier tourist destinations is being hailed as the “greenest building in Maine,” offsetting all of its energy needs by producing electricity on site.

The Bosarge Family Education Center will be the one out of a handful of net zero non-residential buildings in all of New England, and is the second commercial LEED Platinum building in Maine.

This building stands at the next frontier of building design, going beyond LEED standards to achieve much greater energy savings and greenhouse gas emissions reductions.

The walls and roof that make up the building envelope are at least a foot thick which achieve an impressive efficiency rating of R40 in the walls and R60 in the roof. Special triple-glazed windows, among the most efficient windows that can be bought in the U.S, provide passive solar gain in the winter, while keeping out the heat in the summer.

To produce the energy load required to achieve Net Zero, the building is equipped with 135 photovoltaic panels on the south side of the roof, plus an additional 102-panel array on the ground. Payback from the solar system is estimated at 10 years.

Rainwater is stored in a 1700 gallon “Gray Water” tank that will be used for flushing toilets and will reduce potable water consumption by over 75 percent.

The structure is a collaborative effort of integrated design and construction that includes Allied Engineering, Fore Solutions, Scott Simons Architects, and Maclay Architects from Waitsfield, VT.